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@angelmunoz@misskey.cloud It was for Xamarin/MAU...


@angelmunoz@misskey.cloud It was for Xamarin/MAUI folks since it provided a lot of tooling for folks on macOS.

The interesting part will be that Xamarin’s official drop-dead date is May, 2024. So I imagine with that date that VS 4 Mac goes away at that time too (or at least gets archived).

This leaves folks still on Xamarin code bases in a weird limbo again where they are force to upgrade to MAUI or get stuck behind in a time capsule.

@khalidabuhakmeh@mastodon.social I see... yeah that's a bad place to be in

After Win8 I left MS UI stacks alone, I gave UWP a try I loved it but we know how that ended, what I hate from them is that they never "kill a product" it is just put under the rug until it gets forgotten